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Top 5 essential plugins for your WordPress site

Ahmad Yousuf
Member Admin

With WordPress plugins, you can make your website secure, functional, dynamic, and many more. Also, you can protect your website from spammers and it helps you to improve the user experience of your website.

Now you know how plugins work and what you can do with plugins. Now the question is which plugins do you need for your website, and why? Actually, WordPress has more than 59,399 free plugins at this time in its official directory, which work in different ways for different types of websites, for example, the WooCommerce plugin is best for an E-Commerce site. But we will talk about 5 must-have plugins for WordPress, which need to be on every website. So let’s get started…

1 Yoast SEO: 

SEO is a topic on which your website’s search rankings depend, and if SEO is not done well then it will affect the ranking of your website on the search engines. If you are not an SEO expert and want to rank your website, is it possible? This is possible because we have SEO plugins in our must-have plugins for WordPress lists. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins in WordPress, it helps you to do SEO like an expert without having knowledge like a professional.

2 Akismet Spam Protection: 

After taking care of SEO you need to take care of your website security because spammers and spamming are spreading all over the internet, that’s why you need to strengthen the security of your website.

When your website is live, you can see lots of spam comments on your site. This type of comment can grab your readers’ attention and confuse them, which can affect the quality of your site and cause problems for your brand.

3 UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin: 

When you publish your website online, you need to back it up, because thousands of websites are being hacked every day. Also, there may be various issues with your website for not backing it up, for example, there are 10 plugins on your website, some of which you have updated monthly and some others you have not updated, this may cause compatibility between the plugins of your website. Which can cause problems for your website.

Just using a backup plugin, you can save your site from all these problems, for example, if your website is hacked or there is a problem of compatibility or you will migrate your website, in this case, the backup plugin will help you a lot. So if you can get rid of this kind of problem by using a backup plugin, then why not do it.

4 MonsterInsights:

I think when you have knowledge about your website statistics and analytics like how people find your website and where they are from and how long they have been on your website, then it is very easy to increase your website traffic. Because when you are aware of all the statistics on your website, you can easily understand what to do next. And if you can see all the analytics of your website from one place it becomes easier to grow your website traffic.

MonsterInsights integrates your website with Google Analytics and helps you to know your website’s statistics and analytics from a simple dashboard. You can see all the Important analytics reports of your site from your WordPress dashboard with MonsterInsights.

5 Contact Form 7:

You must need a contact form on your website Because it’s an easy way for people to communicate with you. After publishing a website on the Internet, people may contact you for various reasons, for example, if you have a blog site, in that case, different companies and people may contact you for their promotions and guest posts and for more reasons. So if you have a contact form section on your website then people can contact you very easily and your business will improve.

So let’s talk about the last plugin of our must-have plugins for the WordPress list. WordPress has hundreds of plugins for contact forms, but we will talk about the most popular and easy-to-use plugin for contact forms, Contact Form 7. With Contact Form7 you can manage multiple contact forms and customize the forms with some simple markups. Contact Form 7 supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and more.

Topic starter Posted : 06/05/2022 5:21 am