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How to Create a WordPress Website Step by Step (2022)

how to create a wordpress website step by step

Creating websites is a mandatory skill at this time for everyone who wants to work online. Because all kinds of small to medium, medium to large businesses are interested in making their business online. Moreover, to create a website you have to hire a web developer which is very costly in some cases.

Or if you want to start a new business online, you may need to create a website. Considering all these, it can be said that creating a website is an important skill at this time.

If you do not have enough ideas on how to create a website and you want to create a website for yourself, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Because in this article I will guide you on how to create a WordPress website step by step as a complete beginner. I will try to explain practically how to start, where to start, and what you will need for creating a WordPress website from start to end. I believe that if you follow these steps, you will be able to create a website yourself, so follow every step to get the best out of this full guide.

Now Let’s See How to Create a WordPress Website Step by Step?

I think you know that building a website requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programming. You may be scared now because you don’t know any of these technical things.

But don’t worry, WordPress can be a great way to build a website for you because with WordPress you can build a complete website for free without any programming or coding knowledge.

What is WordPress and How Does it Work?

There are currently 1.18 billion websites on the Internet, of which 43% of websites are built with WordPress. So realize how popular WordPress is, there are various reasons behind the popularity of WordPress, one of them is that it is very easy to use CMS or (Content Management System). A website can be easily built through WordPress.

But if you are an absolute beginner and don’t know what is WordPress, WordPress may seem a little difficult for you

WordPress is a free open source CMS (Content Management system) for creating free websites without having coding knowledge. It’s a PHP-based website building software.

Actually, WordPress works with the combination of two main components PHP and MySQL, PHP is a server-side programming language and MySQL is a database management system.

This is a general idea of what is WordPress and how it works? If you want to know more about WordPress you can read this article: What is WordPress and how does it work?.

Although WordPress is free. But you have to pay the minimum for the domain and hosting service. Because to build a website you need a domain and hosting. In short, the domain is the name of your website, and hosting is the place where your website will be in.

What is a Domain Name?

First, choose a domain name for your site. Now the question is what is a domain name? Let’s make things simple for you, a domain name is a unique name of your website, people can find your website on the Internet through this name.

For example, is our website name or domain name, if you enter this name on the search engines and search, you will find our website.


There are also more examples like if you want to go to Youtube or Google, what would you search for? Of course, or This is the explanation of what domain names are. I think now you understand what a is domain name.

How to Select a Perfect Domain Name?

Before selecting a domain name at first you need to select your niche. Simply, you have to choose the name of what your website is about or what business you are going to do. For example, if you want to create a website on pet care, you need to choose a related name.

What are the keys to choosing a great domain name?

  • Domain extension: Try to select a top-level domain extension like, .com, .org, .net, .int.
  • Keep short & Easy to remember: Choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember, so that people can easily pronounce, memorize and find your site.
  • Niche related: Choose a domain name that represents your niche or business.

So, apply these three methods to choose a perfect domain name for your website.

You can choose a domain name by using a tool called Namelix, simply go to Namelix, enter your keyword and choose a name.


After selecting a beautiful name for your website, check if this name is available as a domain.

To check the availability go to Instantdomainsearch, enter the name or keyword and check if it is available.


If the domain name is available you are done, now let’s see what is hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

In short, web hosting is a computer disc space service where you can host your websites. This computer or disc is always on and connected to the Internet, that’s why it keeps your website always online, so people can access your website from anywhere anytime. mainly there are three types of web hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Let’s talk about these three types of hosting and see what is best for you.

  • Shared Hosting

Let’s explain very easily for you, shared hosting is a type of hosting service where multiple individuals host their websites on a single web server. For example, suppose there is a single physical server or computer and many people keep their files, folders, pictures, and videos on this computer, you can compare that server or computer with shared hosting.

  • VPS Hosting: VPS Means (Virtual Private Server) In VPS hosting, a powerful physical server is divided into multiple web servers, where everyone can host their website separately. An example of a VPS hosting is, suppose you have a very powerful physical computer or server and you split it into 5 separate servers and host a single website on each server. This is how VPS hosting works.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting or server is a powerful physical server that will only be used to host a single website. It is a managed powerful physical server allocated only for one person. If your website is growing big day by day and you need better quality and more powerful web hosting then Dedicated Hosting may be better for you.

This is a short explanation of web hosting, now let’s see what type of web hosting is best for you. I think if you are a beginner and want to create a small website then shared hosting would be the better choice for you.

Or if your website is growing day by day and you need a better quality hosting service then the VPS may be better for you. Or if you have an organization-type site and you need more power and more manageability then the dedicated hosting will be good for you.

Step 1:Select a Domain Hosting Provider and Buy a Domain and Hosting Service.

There are thousands of web hosting service providers on the internet through which you can create your website. But today we will use Hostinger to make our site because it is cheap and beginner-friendly. You can easily set up a website with Hostinger.

Hostinger is a well-known domain hosting service provider in the world. You can set up a complete WordPress website with Hostinger just for only $35 and you get can a free domain.

By following these easy steps, we will set up WordPress with Hostinger:

  1. We will go and choose a hosting plan from Hostinger
  2. Then we will register a domain name that is absolutely free on Hostinger.
  3. And then we will install and configure WordPress on our hosting.

So without wasting any more time, let’s see how to create a WordPress website step by step.

First, go to Hostinger then scroll down and select a hosting plan.


Then you will be redirected to the order page. To complete the order your need to complete these three steps:

1. Choose a period: In the period section, you can see four plans you can choose one of them.


2. Create your account: In the account section you have to put your email to create an account, also you can create an account with Google, or Facebook.


3. Select payment: In the payment section, you have to select a payment method or fill in the payment information carefully.


So after filling in all the information click Submit Secure Payment button, and you have purchased the hosting successfully.

Step 2: Install WordPress and log in to WordPress Dashboard

By following this video you will be able to install WordPress on your hosting:

Log in to the WordPress dashboard:

When WordPress is successfully installed, go to, then you can see the WordPress admin log-in dashboard.


Then log in to your WordPress dashboard with the username and password that you have provided when installing WordPress.

Step 3: Introduce Yourself with WordPress Admin Dashboard and  Do some Important Settings here

Once inside the WordPress dashboard, you will see this type of interface fast.

12-how to create a wordpress website step by step-wp-admin-dashboard

Inside the WordPress Admin dashboard, you’ll see a sidebar, from which you can control everything about your website. There are 10 menu items inside this sidebar, each of which has some use.

13-how to create a wordpress website step by step-wp-admin-sidebar
  • Update: The update allows you to update your website themes, plugins, and WordPress version.
  • Posts: The Posts allow you to post content on your website, and edit previous posts.
  • Media: Media allows you to insert pictures and videos on your website easily.
  • Pages: With pages, you can create, delete and edit different web pages of your website.
  • Comments: Comments help you to view all the comments on your site, it also helps you to approve positive comments and remove spam comments.
  • Appearance: Appearance allows you to add themes to your website from the huge theme library of WordPress, also you can upload themes from your computer. 
  • Plugins: You can add different types of plugins for the WordPress theme library to your site by the plugins section, also, you can upload plugins from your computer.
  • Users: Users section allows you to add different types of users to your website, such as You can add subscribers, contributors, authors, editors, and administrators to your website through it.
  • Tools: With the WordPress tool you can export all the content of your website, and import it to your website from other systems. You can also export and import personal data.
  • Settings: In short with WordPress settings, you can configure your website’s basic or advanced settings.

A new WordPress site needs to have some basic settings at this stage, in the next step, we will do these settings.

1. Search engine visibility

Who doesn’t want her website to be indexed by search engines, it is mandatory for a website to be indexed in search engines. Because visitors come to a website by search.

If you want your website to be indexed by search engines, then you need to make sure that, this setting is unchecked or disabled on your website.

To check this, inside your WordPress dashboard go to Setting > Reading and scroll down then you can see the search engine visibility checkbox. You have to make sure that the Discourage search engines from indexing this site checkbox are unchecked.


2. Permalinks

Permalink allows you to configure the webpage address or the URL structure of the posts and pages on your website. The most SEO-optimized URL structure is the title of the page or post.

For example, you have a post on your website, namely, how to create a WordPress website step by step. Then the permalink or URL structure of this page or post will be, how to create a WordPress website step by step.


To change your website permalinks, go to Setting > Permalinks, this will be the Day and Name by default, change it into Post Name and click on the save changes button.

16-how to create a wordpress website step by step-permalinks

I think this is enough knowledge for you as s new website owner about the WordPress dashboard and some of its important settings, now let’s move to the next step.

Step 4: Install Some plugins on Your Website

Plugins are a type of small software or gadget, built for adding various features and functionalities to a website. By installing plugins you can add awesome extra functions or features to your website.

Five important plugins that a new website must have:

  1. Yoast SEO

If you are not an expert on doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization), then Yoast SEO will help you do SEO like an expert. When you are writing an article on your site Yoast SEO will guide you to do SEO, it will suggest to you what to do step by step.   

  1. Akismet

Akismet is a spam protection plugin for defending spammers and scammers on your site. Akismet is the official plugin of WordPress for protecting spam.

  1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin that allows you to backup your website directly to any cloud backup service.

  1. MonsterInsight

MonsterInsight is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, MonsterInsight integrates your website with Google Analytics to help you see all of your website’s analytics and statistics through a single dashboard.

  1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin for creating beautiful contact forms on your site.

If you want to learn more about these plugins, then you can read this article on 5 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress | And Why Need Them,

To install a plugin, go to Plugins > Add New then search, install and activate. 

17-how to create a wordpress website step by step-wp-plugins

Step 5: Create Some Important Pages

After launching your website on the internet, you need to create some important pages for your site like the Contact page, Terms & Condition page, and  Privacy policy page. Because having these pages will increase the authority of your website and also build the trust of visitors to your website.

Note. How to create a page? To create a page on WordPress, first, go to Pages > Add New. 
And before creating any page, first, delete all the default pages of WordPress.To delete all the pages go to “Pages” and select all pages by clicking the “Title” check box, after selecting all pages, select “Move to Trash” then click on the “Apply” button.

And to create a page on WordPress go to Pages > Add New, after creating a page publish it by press the Publish button.

Now create these important pages for your site:

  • Privacy Policy: Having a privacy policy page ensures the security of your visitors and your website, it lets your visitors know how and where you are using their data, and where you are not using it. That’s why visitors will know how their privacy is being protected.
  • Terms & Conditions: Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, or Terms of Use whatever the name may be, this page will help you set up the rules and regulations for your visitors to use your website.
  • Contact: It is very important to have a contact page on your website because people can easily communicate with you through the contact page.

After creating these important pages for your website, let’s move to the next step.

Step 6: Install a Theme For Your Site 

Now it’s time to install a beautiful, fast, and SEO-friendly theme for your website. WordPress theme is a pre-built organized appearance or design that makes it easy to customize a website by installing it. With a theme, you can control or design the appearance of your website.

Keep these three key points in mind before selecting a theme:

  • Responsiveness: Before selecting a theme, make sure that the theme is responsive. This means making sure that the theme you have chosen works properly on all types of devices.
  • Simplicity: Before choosing a theme, make sure the theme is not too stylish. Because WordPress has a lot of themes, which use a lot of colors, designs, layouts, and sliders. That’s why this type of theme contains extra code which is too heavy for your site and may cause your website to slow down.
  • Browser Compatibility: Browser compatibility is another major thing to keep in mind when choosing a theme. because there are lots of web browsers on the Internet, through which people visit the Internet and various websites. Browser compatibility also helps a lot in ranking on the search engines.

I think it is possible to choose a good theme for your website keeping these three things in mind. And if you want to know about the 10 best free blogging themes of WordPress then you can read this article.

10 best free blogging themes of WordPress

There are lots of free themes on the WordPress official directory, you can choose a good theme from here and use it absolutely free for your website. There are also thousands of more free themes outside of the official WordPress directory.

There are also some big third-party theme providers on the internet, who provide premium theme services, like, ThemeForest, aThemes, and many more. I think if you are a beginner and want to start a website at a low cost, then the free theme will be the best choice for you. And if you want more maintenance or more control of your website appearance, you can buy a premium theme from ThemeForest or another marketplace.

Let’s install a theme for our website:

When WordPress is first installed on a new website, by default this theme is installed here:

18-how to create a wordpress website step by step-default-theme

But we will see how to install a theme on the WordPress website from the beginning.

To install a theme go to Appearance > Themes > Add New then search for a theme on the search box that you like, in my case, it’s the Neve theme. Neve is a great free theme, it’s a fast, lightweight, and SEO-friendly, WordPress theme.

After searching when you find your desired theme, hover your mouse pointer over the theme, then you can see the “Install” button, click on it and then “Activate” the theme.

19-how to create a wordpress website step by step-wp-neve-instll

After installing the theme your work is done, now go to your site and reload, you can see the change, this is a simple process.


Congratulations, hopefully, you have successfully created a WordPress website. I believe that anyone can create a website by following this article. I think if you follow this complete guide from start to finish you will be able to create a complete website without hiring a developer.

WordPress is a Beginner-Friendly and free website building platform, which allows you to easily create a website. Just you need a domain and a hosting service, which you can get at a very low cost from Hostinger.

Let’s review the complete guide on how to create a WordPress website step by step.

  1. The first step is to choose a domain and a hosting provider. There are tons of reputable web hosting providers on the Internet, one of which is Hostinger. You can get a hosting service with a free domain at a very low cost from Hostinger.
  1. And the next step is to choose a website building platform, there are lots of CMS or (Content Management Systems) on the market for creating websites, in which WordPress is the most popular one, you can build a website completely free of cost and very easily with WordPress. After selecting a website building platform, install it on the hosting that you purchased from Hostinger.
  1. then introduce yourself to the WordPress admin dashboard, and do some important settings on your WordPress website.
  1. And then install some important plugins for your website, which are very useful for your website.
  1. And the next step is to create some important pages because having these pages will build the authority of your website and increase the trust of the people on your website.
  1. And the last step is to install a theme for your website and launch your site on the internet.

I think that’s enough to make a WordPress website, and if anyone follows it consistently, he will be able to create a website.

If you encounter any problems while creating your website by following these step-by-step instructions, feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you. And if you have any questions or opinions, don’t forget to let us know in the comments,  we’ll reply to your comments as soon as possible!

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