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What is WordPress and how does it work? All you need to Know

What is WordPress and how does it work

Did you know that according to Wikipedia over 42.8% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet are made with WordPress Until October 2021? If you are thinking of launching a website and searching on the internet for how to create a website, most of the time you will notice the name of WordPress. In this awesome article, I’m going to talk about, what is WordPress and how does it work?

If you don’t have enough knowledge about WordPress. I recommend you to read the knowledgeable article about WordPress.

What is WordPress and how does it work?

WordPress is free, open-source content management system (CMS) software. It helps anyone to build a custom professional website or any kind of website. WordPress can store any type of information, such as text, images, videos, etc. And this information can be easily published on the web. It is an excellent and powerful platform for blogging, e-commerce, and multiple types of business sites.

WordPress has a beginner-friendly dashboard that helps users easily edit, customize, and modify their information on their website without having any knowledge of coding. It is PHP-based website builder software that uses a MySQL database. This is managed by a team of experienced individual developers around the world.

WordPress work Process:

WordPress work with these two main components, PHP and MySQL. WordPress is written by PHP. PHP is a server-side programming language, which means it works on the backend of a web server. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages at this time. PHP became more popular due to WordPress.

MySQL is a database management system based on Structured Query Language or SQL, which can be compared to working with a complex spreadsheet that categorizes data under several related headings. MySQL is the world’s second most used database management system. And it responds fast to the queries.

The core component of WordPress:

  • WordPress core:

There are 3 core files on WordPress, that work with WordPress on every website, wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. 

  1. wp-admin:In the wp-admin or admin folder are the administrative files, which contain the program files and various WordPress user dashboard content. And through which the user can easily control their WordPress dashboard
  1. wp-content:And the wp-content folder contains WordPress themes, plugins, and media files. When users install something in WordPress like themes, plugins and media or images, it gets stored in this wp-content folder.
  1. wp-includes:The wp-includes folder determines the appearance of the WordPress. And this folder size is so big. And there are some files in this folder. Which has programmed commands, rules, actions for some features of WordPress.

What is the WordPress admin dashboard?

Whether it’s the wp-admin dashboard, WordPress dashboard, or wp-admin control panel, this is a place where users can monitor every detail of their WordPress website. And from there, users can add themes, plugins, and media to their website. Users can also design their websites and add or edit content. In a nutshell, everything about a website can be controlled from the WordPress admin dashboard. So here are some working processes of WordPress and its functionalities.

The history of WordPress in short

WordPress is a free open source CMS or (Content Management System) developed by PHP and paired with MySQL and MariaDB. Basically, WordPress was created for blogging or blog publishing. But gradually it got improved, and now with WordPress, we can make all kinds of websites like Blog, LMS or (Learning Management System), Membership website, E-commerce store, Portfolio, Images Gallery, Company website, etc. And Until October 2021 42.8% of the top 10 million web websites are made with WordPress.

The main reason WordPress was created as a blogging software b2 / cafelog that became disconnected from its chief developers. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, the two fathers of WordPress, therefore decided to create a better blogging platform than b2 / cafelog. It was improved and based on b2 cafelog. They did not know then that WordPress would become so popular and benefit so many people across the world. And they never imagined it would become a huge industry for thousands of developers, designers, writers, bloggers, and content editors. And on May 27, 2003, WordPress was released by these two developers. vs

When newcomers first search for WordPress on Google, they see two types of results: and And then they are confused. And they don’t know which platform they will use to build their website or 

Actually, there are many differences between and WordPress or ( is a free open source software platform or content management system (CMS) launched in 2003. It’s free means you can download and install it for free on any web server or your own web hosting. You can manage, customize, add or modify your own WordPress website. You can also handle all security and backup on your own. Powered by WordPress. It’s still free and you don’t need to credit WordPress on your site., on the other hand, is a hosted version of WordPress owned by a company called Automattic. was published in 2005. On you don’t have to download or install it. All types of updates to your website are done automatically on, it also automates the security and backup of your website.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular medium for building websites. The world’s top 10 million websites are made with WordPress. And every day more than 500 websites are being created by WordPress. It is so popular that all the big companies in the world have chosen WordPress for their website. The small piece of information is that our website was created by WordPress!  So in this part, we have talked about the world’s biggest and popular websites.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-1

It’s Microsoft’s official news update gallery and magazine website, built with WordPress.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-2

BBC America is a TV network website featuring various TV series, comedy, drama, lifestyle, movies, and science fiction series. And it’s a popular Television network that is built with WordPress.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-3

Disney is another popular company that runs its website in WordPress. The Walt Disney Company website features the latest news with a large image gallery.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-4

The most popular social media platform Facebook runs a website in WordPress called for publishing their announcement and latest news.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-5

One of the most popular vehicle companies, Toyota Motor Brasil, also runs its official website with WordPress. It’s a simple and minimal website with a slider and showcase gallery in the header area.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-6

Usain Bolt, popularly known as the fastest man in the world, also chose WordPress to create his official website. On this website, he publishes the latest update about him and all her achievements.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-7

Angry Birds is the world’s most popular and played video game, they made their official website with WordPress. The website features blogs, updates, and the latest games. The homepage of the website is colorful and good-looking.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-8

The New York Post or Nypost is a newspaper and they have created their website with WordPress. NYPOST features Business, media, entertainment, tech news.

what is WordPress and how does it work examples-9

We all know the White House and it was built on their website with WordPress. It’s a gorgeous website with articles, posts, news, and a Twitter feed section.

WordPress Features

WordPress can be used to create almost all types of websites, and it’s a very popular software for creating websites due to its great and beginner-friendly features. And it’s growing its popularity day by day. You can create websites like blogs, e-commerce, newspaper, enterprise, even you can create complex applications through its beginners and developer-friendly features. In this part, we are going to talk about some of the core features of WordPress. 

  • Flexibility

It’s flexible because you can create almost any type of website with WordPress by yourself. You can create a personal portfolio or business website or agency website. Or if you want to create a government website or an online community website or a magazine or news portal you can.  You can make your website good-looking or beautiful with the free or paid theme in WordPress. Also, you can add features with free or paid plugins on your website.

  • Publishing Tools

With publishing tools, you can manage your Article, post, or content on your website. You can create schedules for publishing your content. And you can create draft content for revisions later. And you can also make your content public or private and secure it with a password.

  • Management

In WordPress user management is so simple. Everyone is not able to manage the main website, except the owner of the website. Contributors and authors are only able to write content or articles. The editor can work with the website editor. And subscribers only have a profile, and they can only access their profile. In WordPress, only owners are able to manage all things of her website, and others can only be part of it.

  • Theme System

When it comes to WordPress themes there are many beautiful free or paid themes in WordPress. But in a new website, WordPress has three themes installed by default. If no one likes the default theme, WordPress has a huge theme directory. And there are thousands of beautiful themes in WordPress, you can install the themes with a click. Or if you have a theme of your own you can install it into your WordPress website.

  • W3C Standard Compliance 

There is another nice feature of WordPress. When you create a WordPress website, a lot of code for your website is generated in WordPress. And every code that WordPress has generated on your website that code is compliant with the W3C standard. So what does that mean? That means, Just as your website is compatible with this generation of browsers, your website will be compatible with the next generation of browsers. That is the benefit of the W3C Standard.

  • Extend with Plugins

WordPress has lots of cool features, but every feature is not built-in on WordPress. For this solution, WordPress has a plugin or gadget directory. There are thousands of gadgets or plugins in WordPress, with plugins you can add features on your website like a forum,  social media widgets, calendar, galleries, spam protection, search engine optimization gadgets, etc.

  • Multiple Language Supported

If you want to build a website in your own language, WordPress has more than 70 languages in its system. Or if you don’t know another language except your own you can make your website in WordPress.

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

You don’t have to worry about SEO or search engine optimization of your website, because WordPress has built-in search engine optimization. Or if you want more controls on your website SEO, there are tons of SEO plugins in WordPress that can care about your website search engines ranking.

  • Beginner Friendly Installation and Upgrades

WordPress can be easily upgraded from the user dashboard. And WordPress can be easily installed by the hosting dashboard, almost every hosting provider offers the one-click WordPress install. That means you can install WordPress with a click, on your hosting dashboard. And another way is, you can install WordPress by FTP or (File Transfer Protocol) program.

  • Community

WordPress has a huge community over the internet, and it’s popular website-making software. There are so many blog forums on the internet. Anyone can be connected with this community and help each other. Anyone can ask questions and answer. Beginners can learn WordPress easily through videos, blog posts, and forums. Those are the free resources, and this is the power of WordPress and its community.


WordPress is a free open website building software or CMS (content management system). It helps to create any kind of website easily. When someone searches online WordPress he sees two types of results,, and 

But there is a huge difference between these two. One thing to keep in mind is that if you build your website with, you will have full ownership of your site. And if you build your website through then you do not have full ownership of your website.

Everyone loves WordPress because of all the great features of WordPress. And the world’s biggest companies like Microsoft, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney, and The White House have chosen WordPress to build their websites.

If you have any suggestions or any questions about this post please feel free to tell me in the comment section, I will try my best to solve them. Thank you for reading the post.

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